For those of us that want to take vintage style further than dresses, fashion and the occasional theme party, you can bring it on home with some of your favorite vintage prints to adorn on your walls.  There are lots of different options for this and you can fit it to accommodate your specific style, or an assortment of styles.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should incorporate vintage prints into your home, and how to do so easily.

Vintage Canvas Prints

Advantages of Vintage Wall Art Prints

There are lots of advantages of using wall art to fill up the space on your walls and fit your specific style.  Let’s take a look at a few of them below.


If you aren’t going for original art, you can get vintage canvas art and even other forms of prints relatively inexpensively.  This means you can fill up your closets and crawl spaces with lots of options.  That brings us to our next point:

Can Easily Change with the Seasons

Unlike larger purchases for the home like couches and furniture, paint/etc, wall art is really easy to swap out for for seasons, events, holidays, etc.  Imagine having your favorite christmas movie posters up during Christmas time, or some great autumnal prints during Thanksgiving, and something floral during spring.

Get Custom Wall Art from Your Photos

There are services that will create your own canvas prints for you using your photos taken on your smartphone or camera.  With the high quality nature of most smartphone cameras nowadays, it makes get custom prints extremely easy.  The best canvas prints online have easy integration with your phone, facebook or Instagram, making the upload and checkout process very seamless.

You can also use your Instagram filters or Photoshop skills to give your photos a vintage feel.  Neat, right?