The History of Levi Strauss Vintage…

levi strauss vintage jacket

Today’s fashion has been influenced by yesterday’s runway masterpiece and the cycle goes on and on. Fashion has withstood time and time is inevitable.

So how can this be proven? By a simple representation: Jeans.

The Blue Denim that everyone is wearing today both for style and function.

And the braindchild? Levi Strauss.

Levi Strauss originally began his venture into the business in 1853 with an idea from his would-be business partner, Jacob Davis, to create heavy duty jeans meant to workers held together by copper rivets.

Levis Strauss has been a fashion icon for many years now since its birth in 1853. The blue jeans have been invented to be a work wear riveted-for-strength pants that was initially meant for blue collared individuals. The logo has become a symbol of its strength and has since been patented on 1873. The popularity of the pair has since sky rocketed and was praised by not only the niche market they were aiming for, but by different classes all over the country.

The Levis Strauss jean jacket vintage was made notoriously popular when John Wayne, Bing Crosby, James Dean and Steve McQueen started wearing it. Wearing the vintage jean jacket has become the identity of cool and trendy.

Fast forward to today, the Levis Strauss brand still withstands the test of time just like their denim jeans and with it comes another icon fashion wear, the Levis Straus Jean Jacket Vintage. Dubbed as the synonym of freedom and change reflecting the hard working American.

Levis Strauss has banked on another timeless piece with the vintage jean jacket and is sure that this trend will never go away. The brand has made its name through the representation of self-expression and independence.

The vintage denim has now become staple and will be for years to come, an investment that goes beyond monetary value. Levi’s Strauss’s 164 years in the denim business has proven its capacity to create more than just the trend, it has created function within fashion.

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