Steps of Setting Up A Vintage Fashion Show

Fashion shows are usually held for a number of reasons such as promoting the works of designers and for fundraising in which money is raised for a specific charitable cause. However, a lot goes into holding a smooth show, and if you don’t have the experience or knowledge of how to go about organizing one, the result can be total chaos. If you wish to hold a fashion show in Orange County to showcase your vintage or vintage-inspired collection, to raise funds for a charitable cause, or for any other purpose; the proper organization is necessary. Here are the steps to take in organizing your show.

Get help

Organizing an entire fashion show on your own is tricky. With the multiple tasks that have to be handled, you need a team comprised of talented people such as wardrobe specialists, hair and makeup artists, emcee, seamstresses, and advertisers. This team will help you organize and run a successful fashion show.

Choose the venue

The different elements of the fashion show, from the clothes, makeup and hair to the different parts of the venue need to blend together and tell a single story. The architecture, ceilings, floors and other parts all contribute to the show’s interpretation. For your vintage show, you should find creative ways of making the venue tie in with your vintage collection and theme. When you are holding your Fashion show at an orange county venue or any other place, you also require considering factors such as accessibility, the venue’s reputation, special effects, event flow, budget, and the number of guests to expect. However, don’t be bound by what is normally done. Be creative in your venue selection depending on the type of show you are aiming for. If you are going for a less conventional kind of show, the freedom in venue selection is immense.

Find models

You need models to wear the clothing. You can find models through a variety of ways, such as through an agency, or advertising in a local college. You can also use word of mouth to advertise your planned show and the fact that you are looking for models. Don’t be surprised if you are overwhelmed with the number of interested candidates, in which case you will need to have some criteria for selecting the ones that best fit your requirements.

Plan, plan, plan

The level of planning goes hand in hand with having a great team by your side. You need to fit models, rehearse the entire show so that by the time the show starts, everyone knows what they are supposed to wear, how they are supposed to walk, how and where to strike poses and so on. You also need to make sure that the show everything will fit within the scheduled time period. Have contingency plans in place as well should anything go against the initial plan.

With all the plans in place, the show should ideally run smoothly. In reality, however, a number of things can arise, from wardrobe malfunctions and loose pieces and missing or sick models. Your contingency plans can help you keep the show running, but you also need to be flexible. You will also likely rely on your team a lot to keep handle the problems that arise and keep the show on. Therefore, select members of your team carefully.

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