Vintage Fashion Show

Steps of Setting Up A Vintage Fashion Show

Fashion shows are usually held for a number of reasons such as promoting the works of designers and for fundraising in which money is raised for a specific charitable cause. However, a lot goes into holding a smooth show, and if you don’t have the experience or knowledge of how to go about organizing one, the result can be total chaos. If you wish to hold a fashion show in Orange County to showcase your vintage or vintage-inspired collection, to raise funds for a charitable cause, or for any other purpose; the proper organization is necessary. Here are the steps to take in organizing your show.

Get help

Organizing an entire fashion show on your own is tricky. With the multiple tasks that have to be handled, you need a team comprised of talented people such as wardrobe specialists, hair and makeup artists, emcee, seamstresses, and advertisers. This team will help you organize and run a successful fashion show.

Choose the venue

The different elements of the fashion show, from the clothes, makeup and hair to the different parts of the venue need to blend together and tell a single story. The architecture, ceilings, floors and other parts all contribute to the show’s interpretation. For your vintage show, you should find creative ways of making the venue tie in with your vintage collection and theme. When you are holding your Fashion show at an orange county venue or any other place, you also require considering factors such as accessibility, the venue’s reputation, special effects, event flow, budget, and the number of guests to expect. However, don’t be bound by what is normally done. Be creative in your venue selection depending on the type of show you are aiming for. If you are going for a less conventional kind of show, the freedom in venue selection is immense.

Find models

You need models to wear the clothing. You can find models through a variety of ways, such as through an agency, or advertising in a local college. You can also use word of mouth to advertise your planned show and the fact that you are looking for models. Don’t be surprised if you are overwhelmed with the number of interested candidates, in which case you will need to have some criteria for selecting the ones that best fit your requirements.

Plan, plan, plan

The level of planning goes hand in hand with having a great team by your side. You need to fit models, rehearse the entire show so that by the time the show starts, everyone knows what they are supposed to wear, how they are supposed to walk, how and where to strike poses and so on. You also need to make sure that the show everything will fit within the scheduled time period. Have contingency plans in place as well should anything go against the initial plan.

With all the plans in place, the show should ideally run smoothly. In reality, however, a number of things can arise, from wardrobe malfunctions and loose pieces and missing or sick models. Your contingency plans can help you keep the show running, but you also need to be flexible. You will also likely rely on your team a lot to keep handle the problems that arise and keep the show on. Therefore, select members of your team carefully.


Costs to Factor in Your Vintage Wedding Dress Budget

A wedding dress is an important part of the wedding and one that takes a significant chunk of the wedding budget. Many brides don’t mind splurging on their wedding as long as they look beautiful. An equally significant number of brides want to get the best dress for the least amount of money. Whatever the case, it is important for the bride to factor in all possible costs in their budget so that they have the resources ready for any occurrence. Here costs related to wedding dresses which any well-prepared bride must consider.

Purchasing or hiring cost

How much does a wedding dress cost?’ this is a question every bride-to-be must take into account when preparing a wedding budget. Whether you are buying a brand new designer dress or buying or hiring a second-hand dress, you need to know the price range within which your desired dress is likely to fall. Of course, the prices would vary depending on a number of factors including the designer, the details of the dress, and location of the store.

The average cost of buying a new wedding gown is estimated at $1320. Lovers of vintage dresses can find unique, original vintage dresses at varying costs. The exact cost of an original vintage dress will be influenced factors such as the fabric, the uniqueness and embellishment of the dress, and size. The prices are of course likely to be cheaper if you are hiring. If you are getting a custom-made gown, it may cost you more than a ready-made gown.

Shipping costs

If you’re getting your dress from a local store or designer or hiring from someone near you, you can save on the shipping cost. If however, you are getting your wedding from far, you will need to factor the costs of shipping the dress. This cost can be more if you are getting a custom-made dress designed and altered from a far-away designer. This is because there may be several backs and forth shipping costs that must include in your budget.


Most brides need their dresses altered several time before the wedding day so it can fit them perfectly. Alterations are inevitable with wedding dresses being bought as early as eight months before the wedding day. The average bride goes for at least three fittings where adjustments are made; spending as much as $250 extra.

Even the lucky ones who find the perfect fit and design on purchase might still need alterations since the body can change significantly in eight months. The exact cost will depend on the seamstress and the extent of the alterations. Some designer salons offer some free adjustments that you can take advantage of. If you have a family member or close friend who can make the adjustments for free, then lucky you! You will not spend as much. If you don’t know anyone with the skillset you need, you must look for a good one early. Any smart bride will consider these costs.

Weddings, though a one-day event, can be costly and can cause a lot of stress. Reduce the stress by being prepared and budgeting for everything, especially the most important ones.

Vintage Fashion Show

The History of Levi Strauss Vintage…

levi strauss vintage jacket

Today’s fashion has been influenced by yesterday’s runway masterpiece and the cycle goes on and on. Fashion has withstood time and time is inevitable.

So how can this be proven? By a simple representation: Jeans.

The Blue Denim that everyone is wearing today both for style and function.

And the braindchild? Levi Strauss.

Levi Strauss originally began his venture into the business in 1853 with an idea from his would-be business partner, Jacob Davis, to create heavy duty jeans meant to workers held together by copper rivets.

Levis Strauss has been a fashion icon for many years now since its birth in 1853. The blue jeans have been invented to be a work wear riveted-for-strength pants that was initially meant for blue collared individuals. The logo has become a symbol of its strength and has since been patented on 1873. The popularity of the pair has since sky rocketed and was praised by not only the niche market they were aiming for, but by different classes all over the country.

The Levis Strauss jean jacket vintage was made notoriously popular when John Wayne, Bing Crosby, James Dean and Steve McQueen started wearing it. Wearing the vintage jean jacket has become the identity of cool and trendy.

Fast forward to today, the Levis Strauss brand still withstands the test of time just like their denim jeans and with it comes another icon fashion wear, the Levis Straus Jean Jacket Vintage. Dubbed as the synonym of freedom and change reflecting the hard working American.

Levis Strauss has banked on another timeless piece with the vintage jean jacket and is sure that this trend will never go away. The brand has made its name through the representation of self-expression and independence.

The vintage denim has now become staple and will be for years to come, an investment that goes beyond monetary value. Levi’s Strauss’s 164 years in the denim business has proven its capacity to create more than just the trend, it has created function within fashion.