A modern LED touch for your vintage bathroom

1930s dress designs, the 1920s, and 1930s color schemes with lighter, neutral color shades, 1940s-inspired wallpapers, bold post-war colors, exotic pastels of previous years, floral fabrics, dark wood, furniture designs and lighting fixtures; some people just love it vintage. However, even with the love for vintage things, some also like to add a modern touch to their homes. If you are one of these people, how about adding a small modern, relaxing touch to your bathroom with LED shower heads?

LED shower heads are walk-in shower additions that have led lights. They add both beauty and functionality to your bathroom. Different varieties come with different features. These include different sizes and shapes as well as water pressure, several colors changing as the water temperature changes, some are handheld while others are not, and others have different spray settings. Others models allow you to choose a color you want while for others, the color is fully controlled by water temperature. Most of these shower heads also warn you if the water temperature is getting too high. They do this using the LED lights. For the temperature controlled ones, the light will turn red or any other color depending on the specific model. Others have a warning functionality where lights flash letting you know when the water is getting too hot. These shower heads offer several advantages which is why you should consider buying them.

Relaxing water and color therapy

After a long day at work, a shower is likely one of the things you turn to help you relax. Some prefer the relaxing feeling of rain falling softly on them while others enjoy feeling like they are beneath a waterfall. Well, with LED heads, relaxation is taken a notch higher. You get the benefit of water with whatever pressure and the benefits of color especially if you can choose the color you want. Common colors include red, blue, green and purple or a mix of several colors.


These modern shower heads use the running water as their only source of energy. They also help to reduce the amount of energy spent since the water-powered shower heads can well illuminate the bathroom.

Different types and designs

Whether you prefer wall-mounted, rainfall, handheld, or shower panel types, you will find LED shower heads for all these types. The designs are also different, so you have a wide variety to choose from.

Easy installation

Unlike regular electricity-powered shower heads, the LED alternative can be easily installed without the help of a specialist. All one needs to do is to unscrew the old head and to replace it with the new one. Further, the fitting will match almost any standard shower hose.

Fun for kids

Your kids will likely enjoy the colors. With colors changing and others having vertical lines of different colors, the kids will be amazed, and if you are lucky, you will no longer have to sweet-talk them into taking a bath.
With LED shower heads, you get these benefits without paying much more for them. All this and their being water-powered will contribute to you saving some money. They offer a great way to start your day and unwind after a hard day’s work.

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